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If you are looking for a good indication on how much the first service on your Datsun Go should cost, then you have come to the right place.  As a car rental business in South Africa, we specialise in long term car rental, with quite a lot of Datsun Go’s on our fleet.

It is always a good idea to ask the car service dealership to provide you with a quote for the service in order to ensure that you will not be overcharged before they start with the service.

The quote for the 15000km service on the Datsun Go in 2018 should look as follows:

1 x Screw R5.82
1 x Oil Filter R69.89
3.0l Engine Oil @ R81.00/litre R243.00
Labour R749.00
Total Ex. VAT R1067.71
VAT R149.48
Total Incl. VAT R1217.19

It is important to note that different Nissan branches charge different rates and prices on their parts as well as labour, so it is a good idea to shop around at a few different Nissan dealerships for 15000km service quotes in order to ensure that you get the best deal on your next Datsun Go 15000km Service.

It is also important for the dealership to do a battery load check test, some dealerships will just replace it without checking if it is in good condition, always ask if they have conducted the test.

It is also important to ensure that they have checked the brakes all round and that they find them to be in good condition.

Another important thing to check is that they did not charge you for more than 3.0 litres of engine oil as overfilling is not advisable.


How much did you pay for your last Datsun Go 15000km Service? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

Do you want to know how much a 45000km service on a Renault Sandero would cost? Well as a South African car hire company that specialises in long term car hire, Comet Car Rental has a lot of Renault Sanderos on fleet and thought we could share some tips and tricks in order to help you save money on your Renault Sandero 45000km service.

As on 01 April 2018, the quote should look as follows:

Labour R1,035
1 x Screw R5,12
1 x Oil Filter R102,50
4,2 Litres of Engine Oil @R140,00/Litre R588,00
Total Excl. VAT R1,730.62
VAT @ 15% R259.59
Total Incl. VAT R1,990.21

As mentioned in our previous service posts, be sure to check that they only charged you for the correct amount of litres of engine oil and correct labour hours.

You might also be asked to change the brake pads during this service, you might even already feel a shudder on the steering wheel. Renault will suggest that you change the brake pads as well as the brake discs, be sure to remember not to do this at the dealership, rather take the car to the nearest Speedy and get the brakes changed there, ask them to skim the discs rather than buying new ones (just remember that you can only safely skim the brake discs once).

Depending on the age of your Sandero, you might also need to replace the wiper blades at this service, again the Renault Sandero uses very generic wiper blades, so if you are handy, it will save you money on the labour to just install new wiper blades yourself.

There is a reason they call it blacklisted!  When you have a judgement or default listed against your name, you can’t get finance from a bank due to your risk of credit default.  If you do get finance, the rate is usually very high and has lots of extra fees linked to it.

This means you need to find alternative ways of getting the things you need in life.  Rent to own is generally accepted as a non-finance method of getting what you want, and continuing with your life.  The term “finance for blacklisted” or “car finance for people under debt review is a myth when it comes to financing a car.

The benefits of using a rent to own company is that usually they don’t do a credit check (they may even advertise ‘car finance no credit check’), and they will let you have the car you want so long as you have the first month’s payment and the deposit.  This is a mistake, you should always make sure that you decide what you can, and can’t afford.

The problem with using a rent to own company is that sometimes you are too excited to have just been “approved”, so you don’t read the small print and you end up in a worse situation than where you started.  Typically a rent to own company will make you sign a long term contract (with exit penalties), so you have to rent the car for 48 or even 54 months to be able to get the car.  If you cancel early you lose all your benefits.  They will also tie you in with limited mileage deals, so you end up paying more than what you expected.  The other major issue is that you could end up with a fly by night company who disappear, and the next thing the bank come knocking on your door to collect the car.  Unfortunately rent to own is not easy sailing, but below are some tips to help.

A simple check list when you are doing a rent to own would be as follows:

  • Enquire about the early termination rules, are there any penalties? This is the most important aspect.
  • Enquire about the reputation of the company you are dealing with, you need to be sure that they will be around when the time comes to get your car
  • A quick search on hellopeter.com will tell you whether company you are dealing with is reputable.
  • Ask for the service history and the accident history of the vehicle, check that the vehicle has been professionally repaired.
  • Check the rules on how mileage gets billed
  • Ask if the vehicle comes with insurance and check that 3rd party is included and check what is excluded
  • Compare prices and quality of vehicles, if one rent to own company approves you, most will.

Comet Car Rental have partnered with SA Motor Lease to lease our old rental cars to the public on rent to own.  We ensure that they hold themselves to the highest standards, and do not prey on people in a vulnerable situation.  A car in South Africa is an essential piece of equipment if you want to have a decent job and have your kids at the best schools.  Without it, life is hard.  If you are under debt review, you have two options, rent at high prices and never get any other benefits, or rent to own and lower your cost. SA Motor Lease operates in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, so you are always near a branch.

SA Motor Lease have adapted their contracts from internationally accepted good practice so that you are always in a better situation when you decide to rent to own a vehicle with SA Motor Lease.  They have easy exit terms and conditions so that you don’t pay after you return the vehicle, and even the deposit is refundable.  You can still get the benefits if you wish to upgrade or downgrade early.  You can get a cash rebate if you have looked after your car well, and its worth more than the predicted value.  SA Motor Lease have ethical staff who are empowered to do the right thing, so you always get fair treatment, and you know your investment is safe.  While there are other rent to own companies out there who are ethical and have integrity, it’s a good idea to get a few quotes and ask the questions we have posed above as a way of ensuring you go with the best rent to own car and best rent to buy company.


A visit to South Africa features the best of both worlds. With sophisticated urban experiences and exciting adventure travel, there’s something here for everyone. From the top in dining and cuisine, to the exotic locales for beaching and safari, here are our top ten picks for the best places to visit in South Africa.

1. Cape Town

Cape Town is the top destination in Africa for visitors, and is also its legislative capita. The city sits at the tip of the Western Cape Province, and is the ideal jumping off point for all that South Africa has to offer.

Cape Town is surrounded by extraordinary beaches and jaw-dropping scenery, while also offering easy access to the beauty of the Cape Land Winelands. With its Mediterranean-like climate, Cape Town is a dream destination filled with eye-catching infrastructure and a multicultural population with delicious cuisine.

It includes exciting tourist spots like the world-class aquarium and premier shopping along the waterfront. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an attraction you can’t afford to miss.

Getting around can be done via Uber, local public transport such as taxis and car rental. A local car rental company named – Comet Car Rental, deals with affordable cash car rental which is a bonus for all the tourists.


2. Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is the premiere park of the South African network of reserves. It features awe-inspiring landscapes of savannah and bush country. With its well-known abundance of magnificent wildlife and vegetation, the park is one of the most popular among tourists.

Well-kept roads make self-guided tours an absolute must. An SUV hire is also on the cards from Pace Car Rental Johannesburg.


3. Cape Winelands

Just northeast of Cape Town, the Cape Winelands have been producing some of the world’s best wines. The lush river valleys are perfect for producing Cabernets, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon varietals.

The area is set against a gorgeous backdrop of mountains, and offers a luxurious indulgence of boutique wineries and hotels, exclusive restaurants, and breathtaking scenery.

A great idea would be to hire a minibus (7/8/9/10/14 Seater) from Comet Car Rental and go on a trip to the winelands and taste wine all day with friends and family. Bliss!


4. Drakensberg

For a wild, raw landscape visit the mountain region of the Drakensberg. Located between South Africa and Lesotho - Pace also does cross border rentals, the dramatic views have inspired the Dutch and Zulu for centuries.


5. Addo Elephant National Park

The Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape region is home to over 600 elephants that can be seen in their natural habitat. The park features numerous other species, including rare birds, water buffalo, warthogs, ostriches, and lions.

Day trips are feasible, but you can also elect to stay overnight in accommodations that range from camps to luxury lodges.

Never fear Comet Car Rental also has a branch in the Eastern Cape – Port Elizabeth, you can zoot around this gorgeous region in your rental vehicle.


6. Johannesburg

Touch down in Johannesburg (aka Jo’burg / Jozi) for the excitement of the city life. Johannesburg is not only the second largest city in South Africa, but is also the financial center of the continent, and houses the richest square mile in Africa – Sandton.

If you want something more personal for getting around, you can trust the home of long term car rental Johannesburg in Sandton, Marlboro – Pace Car Rental for awesome cars at low rates.

The nearby Soweto township has been the scene of major historical advancements, and today is a vibrant community of over one million people.


7. Hermanus

The main attraction here is the whale-watching. The sheltered waters off Hermanus are the ideal spot for the Southern Right Whale to mate and breed. While tour boats are available, the whales are easily watchable right from shore along a six-mile cliff walk complete with benches and telescopes.


8. Durban

Durban is just outside Johannesburg and is the scenic beach spot for South Africans to get away. The city is teeming with grand old English Colonial architecture that is now infused with cross-cultural vibrancy from Zulu murals, mosques, churches, and Hindu temples.

You can also find Pace Car Rental Durban here where they exclusively deal with long term car rentals.


9. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Herds of wildebeest, elands, and gemsbok find their home among the undulating red dunes of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the Kalahari region. Apex predators like lions, cheetahs, and leopards roam free and can be seen in their natural glory.

Tours by 4X4 and accommodations are available throughout the park.


10. Garden Route

Explore the scenic Garden Route from the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape, along the Southeastern coast. The landscape is filled with lagoons, lakes, and a range of flora and fauna. It’s considered to be one of the best experiences in the country.
About the Author: Oasis is dedicated to giving people authentic travel experiences. By creating a new brand of “Home Meets Hotel” hospitality, they’re keeping the adventure spirit of a new city or culture without losing convenience or comfort. They are a team of design-focused, service-oriented travel fanatics that are changing the way people interact with the world around them.

People that travel more often have less stress. They meet new people, see new places, breath in fresh air this helps them to forget about all their problems. Travelling in groups can be more exciting and cheaper for you when travelling with a minibus rental. Minibuses are usually luxury vehicles that are hired by travellers who want to travel in large groups.

A Minibus may be smaller in appearance but it has more than enough space inside for all your passengers and belongings you would like to take along with you on your adventure.

The storage space available on the minibus and air conditioning system are some of the features you can consider when looking at the bus. They can determine comfort levels and convenience during travel. Also important to check is the physical condition of the minibus so that you do not end up being held accountable for damages that did not happen when the bus was under your care. Examine the bus you prefer before hiring it and if possible go for a test drive if you will be the one driving just to be sure of the condition.

Are you looking for a minibus rental? Look no further! See our minibus rentals or call us on 021 386 2411 to speak to one of our minibus rental specialists who will gladly be able to assist you.