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The Golf GTI have been turning heads for decades and the new Golf MK7 GTI is no exception.  With a sexy design and great performance for its class.  Get behind the steering wheel and you will know that you are in a VW Golf GTI with its sophisticated, yet comfortable design.


The inside is kitted out with leather seats, has ample space and features a standard sound system that is of exceptional quality.  You will find a touch infotainment system at the front with all kinds of toys to play with.  The back offers plenty of leg space for adults and plenty of boot space.

Ride and Handling

The Golf 7 GTI offers superior handling abilities with a state of the art suspension and all kinds of safety features that include an award winning multi-collision braking system that triggers automatic emergency braking when the car detects an initial collision, this reduces the chances of secondary collisions by stopping the car safely and securely.  Another safety feature that is unique to the new Golf GTI is ‘fatigue detection’ that detects when the driver is getting drowsy and triggers a response to keep you at optimum concentration levels.  During normal driving the steering wheel records driver input and analysis it constantly, this allows the system to detect when the driver is getting drowsy and give an acoustic warning and warn the driver to take a break.

Feature that is exclusive to the Golf 7 GTI

Keyless Entry – Proximity sensors in the door handle and a radio pulse generator in the key housing enables your Golf 7 GTI to automatically open and start without the use of a key.

Dynaudio Sound System – This sound system is designed specifically for the VW brand and consists of high-quality speakers with DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and a digital multichannel amplifier.  The speakers are installed in areas that are precisely matched to the interior of the vehicle in order to provide the best possible acoustics.

Adaptive Chassis Control – This system allows you to adjust the running gear to normal, sport or comfort driving.

If you are looking for a sporty, sophisticated car that is one of the most comfortable drives in its class; go take the new Golf 7 GTI for a test drive and you will be hard pressed not to invest in one.

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