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If you have never travelled to Africa and visited some of its main cities, you will easily agree with other Africa travel enthusiasts that Cape Town is indeed the greatest of all African cities. On the contrary, if you have never visited the city before, you may think all these descriptions you read about. Several travellers who have been there claim to fall in love with the city on their first visit, almost to the extent of being seduced to stay forever.


Table Mountain

Nature endowed Cape Town with many splendid gifts, the most outstanding of which is the Table Mountain. Towering right behind the city at 1086m above sea level, the Table Mountain is the pride of Capetonians, so much that they consider it the "spirit of the city". Without this flat-topped mountain, much of the city's splendour would be gone.

For starters, Table Mountain forms the ever-present gorgeous backdrop that makes Cape Town a photographers' paradise. But beyond that, the mountain is at the centre of most travel activities in in the city. Lovers of adventure have a great time trekking in the many world class hiking routes up and on top of the mountain. Or if you do not want to break a sweat, you can ride on a cable car to the top of the mountain and enjoy the great scenery below.

Cape Town Beaches

Besides for Table Mountain, the beaches near and around Cape Town are another major attraction. Two oceans meet at the cape peninsula: the cool Atlantic Ocean and the warmer Indian Ocean. The result is two different, but equally fascinating styles of beaches. Many fashionable travellers prefer the beaches on the western side of the peninsula, i.e. the cooler Atlantic Ocean side. This is mostly because these beaches enjoy longer hours of sunshine and do not experience the sometimes irritating "Cape Doctor" wind. The Atlantic Seaboard is arguable most popular of these beaches. It is a long stretches from V&A waterfront in Cape Town to Hout Bay.


The Winelands

The famous Cape Winelands are yet another reason you should visit this beautiful place. The winelands consist of very fertile and beautiful valleys planted with large vine fields. The green of the valleys and the beauty of the surrounding mountains give the Cape Winelands a very romantic aura, the kind that is hard to describe with words. Most of the best South African brandy and wines are produced from these vines. Though the winelands are not really within the city itself, they are only a few minutes to one-hour drive away. There are a number of smaller towns and villages in the Cape Winelands, with Stellenbosch being the most renowned. Which is a very beautiful town to visit.


Robben Island

One other great attraction that you will find near Cape Town is the infamous Robben Island. This is the Island mostly remembered as the prison Island where Nelson Mandela spent about 18 of his 27 years prison term. From the V&A Waterfront, Robben Island is only about 12 kilometres away, a trip of roughly 40 minutes by boat. In fact, Cape Town and the Table Mountain are seen clearly and perhaps more beautifully from Robben Island. The Island is today an important icon of South Africa's struggle against apartheid, with the former prison having been made a museum.

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