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Tips for choosing the best car rental company in Cape Town, Not all Car Rental Companies are equal and deliver the same services there are allot of different car rental companies in South Africa.

For you to choose the best car rental company for your traveling needs, there is a number of factors that you will need to take into consideration, for example how much mileage is included in the daily rate or other hidden fees like airport surcharges that you do not want to get left with at the end of your rental period with the car rental company.

As a top South African Car Rental company we decided to share some tips with you to help you choose the best car rental company for your needs on your next business trip or holiday away in South Africa.

Compare quotes from all the different car rental companies online. We highly recommend that you go online and compare online quotes from at least 5 different car rental companies in order to help you decide on the best deal for your car rental needs.

Just always double check with the car rental company, just because a lower daily rate is advertised, it does not mean that you will end up getting away with less at the end of the rental.  Car rental companies have different options for different allowed daily travel and they charge additional mileage at quite a high rate.  Just be sure how much daily travel is included with the different car rental company daily rates and be sure to request quotes for the same daily travel from all of them in order to be sure that you are comparing each one.

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