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The c –class of the Mercedes Bens gets better fuel economy, costs the same as a fully loaded Chrysler, and has more standard safety than cars that cost much more than this vehicle.

A Reversing camera is standard, it will break automatically in an emergency, getting 15 percent discount on most insurers, and it has wipe down vinyl seats that are family friendly.

The world had turned from the time when only the rich people could afford to drive this type of vehicle. But these days just about anyone can drive such a luxurious vehicle.

The Mercedes Benz C180 comes with automatic safety breaking to electric window switches. It is a vehicle that is loaded with allot of safety stuff but also benefits from a new generation of engines with stop-start and turbocharging.

With the C180 performance is almost a match for the C250 yet its claimed fuel economy is 6.0L/100km. it has old school rear wheel drive for refinement and driving enjoyment, with a seven speed automatic gear box.

The new body is bigger but nearly half of the panels are made from aluminium, which cuts weight by up to 40kg.

The body follows Ben’z latest styling, which is more aggressive than the outgoing car, but the interior has been modernised without losing its effectiveness. There is a large touch screen 7 inches. Include a choice of interior lighting colours and an agility switch for the engine/transmission/steering computer. Smart work inside the bigger body enhances usable space, particularly in the back where the outgoing C-Class was upright and cramped. The boot is also much bigger.

Regarding Safety the C-Class basics are right, from the body structure to nine airbags. The extra gear – including automatic emergency braking that flashes you a noisy warning.

The car copes easily over bumps and potholes. There is nothing nasty in the handling of the vehicle, which is generally neutral in all corners, and it cruises quietly and effortlessly.

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