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South Africa is a very beautiful country with plenty of tourist attractions. Our public transport systems in South Africa is lacking at its best. So ideally you would like to have your own car instead of relying on public transport in this country. A Long Term Car Rental is an option to have a look at as you will defiantly save in the long run. As long term car rental specialists we have decided to share some tips on saving money on your next long term car rental.

Before you decide on renting a car, you should first take into consideration on why you might need the car, how long you will need the car for, and more or less know how far you want to be travelling daily. This is very important as car rental companies charge different rates for daily, weekly and monthly car rentals and they have different tariffs for different levels of mileage used on the vehicle.

Another thing you should do is speak to your insurance company and find out what level of cover they will provide you. Because if you are already covered with an insurance policy there is no need for you to pay it twice.

At Comet Car Rental We go the extra mile to help our clients save money on their long term car rentals. We achieve this by getting our vehicles in bulk directly from the manufacturers, this gives allot more savings on our vehicles.

If you are looking for the most affordable long term car rental in Cape Town you have come to the right place. Comet Car Rental has a wide range of vehicles on their fleet for you to choose from. We have minibus rentals, SUV rentals, Bakkie rentals, and luxury vehicles available for you depending on what type of vehicle you might need. Give us a call on 021 386 2411 to speak to one of our Car Rental specialists who will gladly be able to assist you.