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Cheap Car Hire Cape Town | Cheap Car Rentals

Comet Car Rental's cheap car hire means that you will see all the beauty that Cape Town has to offer, while saving money on our cheap car rental options!

  • We maintain our cheap car rental Cape Town fleet strictly according to manufacturer’s standards in order to help ensure the safety of our clients.
  • We buy our cars in bulk directly from the manufacturers, we can therefore negotiate much better prices on our vehicles, meaning that we can offer the cheapest car rentals in Cape Town.
  • Our offices is just off the Cape Town International airport, meaning that we can offer you the same service as a Cape Town Airport car rental without having to charge you an “airport surcharge”.

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Alternatively call us on 021 386 2411 to book your next cheap car rentals in Cape Town!

Cash Car Rental Cape Town


Are you looking for a cheap cash* car rental in Cape Town?  Look no further!  Comet Car Rental offers a wide range of cheap cash* car rental options even to blacklisted individuals! Click below to book online now for the best service and cash car rental rates in Cape Town!

Cape Town Cash Car Hire Requirements

At Comet, we went the extra mile to ensure that our Cape Town Cash* Car Rental deals is accessible to just about anybody including expats and blacklisted individuals.  All you need in order to take a cash car rental from Comet is the car hire amount plus the refundable deposit as well as the following documents:

  • Drivers Licence

  • ID

  • Payslip/ Bank Statement that reflects your home address

On return of the rental vehicle, Comet will refund your deposit within 72 hours if there is no damage to the rental car.

Cash Car Rentals for Blacklisted People in Cape Town

We offer cash car rentals in Cape Town for blacklisted individuals, Call us on 021 386 2411 and speak to one of our friendly car rental agents about our Cape Town Cash Car Rental options for blacklisted individuals. 

If you are looking for an affordable cash car hire in Cape Town, you are at the right place!  Call us on 021 386 2411 or send your inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your next Cape Town Cash*Car Hire!

 *Terms and Conditions Apply

Bakkie Rental Cape Town | Bakkie Hire PE

Are you looking to hire a bakkie in Cape Town or Port Elizabeth?  Look no further! Comet Car Rental is a well established car hire company that offers you value for money bakkie rentals, for one ton bakkies and half ton bakkies.  We are close to Cape Town International Airport, and easy to find.  

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Why Choose Comet for your Bakkie Hire Needs?

  • We have a wide range including one ton and half ton bakkies
  • We don’t charge extra for a canopy.
  • We have the most competitive pricing in the Mother City
  • Customer service and satisfaction is our number 1 priority
  • We keep our bakkie hire fleet maintained in strict accordance with manufacturers standards in order to ensure the safety of our happy Cape Town Bakkie Rental Clients
  • Our one ton bakkies have tow bars and can be used for towing
  • Please call in for the specials on monthly rentals if you have a requirement for a fixed term contract, we have the best van rental options for you.

Bakkie Hire Payment Options

  • EFT
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

To book your next Cape Town or PE 1 Ton or half ton bakkie hire, click on the button below to book online now

If you are looking to book a bakkie rental in Cape Town or Port Elizabeth, send your inquiries toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 021 386 2411 to speak to one of our bakkie hire specialists

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Car Rental Cape Town Airport

Car Rental Cape Town International Airport that you can trust for great cars, awesome service and highly affordable rates! Book Online Now By Clicking Below!

At Comet Car Rental we treat our car rental Cape Town airport customers with respect. You won’t find forms with 100 places to sign, and extensive check sheets, we check the vehicle before you arrive and again after you leave. We believe that if you want a customer to trust your brand, you must trust your customer. You are welcome to inspect the car if it would make you feel safer or more relaxed, but we have very few issues with rental check sheets and damages, as most of our clients inform us if they do damage the rental vehicle, we trust you will do the same. If there is a new dent or scratch, we will call you and let you know.

We are located just off the Cape Town International Airport meaning:

On collection : We deliver to your hotel or guesthouse or we meet you personally at the Airport with your name on a board and the car will be waiting for you outside.

On return : Simply call in to be met at the “drop and go” or just leave the car in the public car park if you are in a rush. No `Airport Surcharge`.

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Alternatively call us on 021 386 2411 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book your next Cape Town Airport Car Rental