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The festive season is here and most people go away this time of year. Are you travelling to Cape Town and are looking for Holiday destinations?

Comet Car Rental decided to put together the best holiday destinations in Cape Town:

 Bon Hotel Shelley Point

The rooms are nice and large, with high thatched ceilings the main attraction to please absolutely everyone is a nine-hole golfing green, a gorgeous spa, and a “Crazy Crew Kidz Club”, as well as private beaches, tennis courts and the best wood-fired pizza on the West Coast. This is a great family holiday getaway in Cape Town.

Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue is situated In Langebaan and it is about an hour drive from Cape Town. the water’s edge is just 10 metres from your front door, with the lounge, wooden deck and outdoor dining platform looking straight onto the lagoon. If you are not relaxing on one of the hammocks at the braai area, you can go kayaking or swimming or browse the ceiling-to-floor bookshelf and relax on comfy couches with a beautiful view of the water.

Mountain Lodge and Spa

This amazing lodge is just 45 minutes away from Cape Town it is situated in Wellington. Wellington is known for its town's natural beauty. Guests can choose between light and airy cottages with private verandas, or the luxurious suite with its own private courtyard garden. All rooms have air-conditioning and DStv. Guests can combine sumptuous country living with sightseeing, wine tours, mountain biking, horse-riding or simply relax by the pool. This is a very relaxing holiday destination in Cape town.

Club Mykonos Resort

Set on Langebaan Lagoon, this is a lively Greek-style resort.
1- to 3-bedroom apartments come with kitchens or kitchenettes, plus balconies and TVs. Some have tea and coffee making facilities, private BBQ areas and/or a waterfront setting.
There are international restaurants and bars, plus 6 outdoor pools and an indoor pool. Other amenities include a casino, a marina, tennis courts and mini-golf. A spa features steam rooms, hot tubs and plunge pools. This will defiantly be an unforgettable family holiday away in Cape Town.

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When you are busy planning a trip away, it can be quite common for you to forget one integral part. This often happens when you are so caught up with a lot of preparations just to make your trip away perfect. One example is to arrange a good rental car deal for yourself or for your family. When this happens, then you can see yourself faced with a situation that you have to pay more for your car hire needs. In order to avoid this sort of problem, it would be wise to be more systematic with your planning and your actual implementation. Here are some tips to help you find a good rental car deal that can save you both time and money.

If you are already caught up with time, then the best thing to do is to make use of all the resources you have in order to find an economical arrangement. For instance, if you remembered to arrange a car hire service at the time when you are already near your vacation date, it would not be wise to waste time by going to a car hire office just to make the necessary arrangements.

It would be wiser to use the modern way of reserving your car hire needs through the internet. You can simply go online and go to a directory that offers links to car rental companies. From there, you can choose whether you want a well-known rental agency to handle your rental car deal needs or not.

Once you have chosen the car rental agency, you can then focus on which vehicle to get and which one is going to suit your needs best. Some people who go on a trip want to experience the best of what is available so they tend to choose the expensive or luxurious rental cars. Sports cars, for instance are usually more costly to rent than an ordinary sedan. If you have no need for appearances, then it would be more economical for you to get a simple but presentable rental car that fits your needs. It would save you money right off if you get this kind of car rental deal.

Another way to save money with your car rental deal is to maximize the different promos being offered. Most rental companies run a monthly special so don’t forget to ask the car rental companies if they have a special.

If you are flying to another location and you would want to have the car rental agency drive off your rental car to the airport, then you have to take extra care if you want to save time. You have to be give them your flight information so be sure to give as much details as possible. This can help you avoid confusion at the airport that can lead to wasted time on your arrival at the airport.

Saving time and money is possible with every rental car deal. All you have to do is to use all possible resources and be smart in planning. With these tips, your trip away can be better with the comfort and convenience of a Rental car.

South Africa is a very beautiful country with plenty of tourist attractions. Our public transport systems in South Africa is lacking at its best. So ideally you would like to have your own car instead of relying on public transport in this country. A Long Term Car Rental is an option to have a look at as you will defiantly save in the long run. As long term car rental specialists we have decided to share some tips on saving money on your next long term car rental.

Before you decide on renting a car, you should first take into consideration on why you might need the car, how long you will need the car for, and more or less know how far you want to be travelling daily. This is very important as car rental companies charge different rates for daily, weekly and monthly car rentals and they have different tariffs for different levels of mileage used on the vehicle.

Another thing you should do is speak to your insurance company and find out what level of cover they will provide you. Because if you are already covered with an insurance policy there is no need for you to pay it twice.

At Comet Car Rental We go the extra mile to help our clients save money on their long term car rentals. We achieve this by getting our vehicles in bulk directly from the manufacturers, this gives allot more savings on our vehicles.

If you are looking for the most affordable long term car rental in Cape Town you have come to the right place. Comet Car Rental has a wide range of vehicles on their fleet for you to choose from. We have minibus rentals, SUV rentals, Bakkie rentals, and luxury vehicles available for you depending on what type of vehicle you might need. Give us a call on 021 386 2411 to speak to one of our Car Rental specialists who will gladly be able to assist you.

Renting an SUV is an easy process.  Most Car rental companies offer SUVs for clients who need more space for extra passengers or for whatever the case might be. 

To rent an SUV, start by looking online to find car rental companies. Most companies list the types of vehicles they have available in their fleet for you to be able to choose from. Compare prices and models available. Book the car based on your budget and the model you are looking for.

Why rent an SUV?

Renting an SUV can provide you with comfort for long trips with multiple passengers that can all travel together. Businesses often rent SUVs. Real estate agents often need occasional use of an SUV when they need to transport multiple signs to homes for sale. An SUV vehicle is a great vehicle to rent if you are going away on a family vacation. Whatever the case might be, there is no one reason for SUV Rentals, many people benefit from their use.

What do you need to rent an SUV Rental?

Renting an SUV is no different to renting any other standard vehicle. Some companies require that you have a credit card but not always, a driver’s license and proof of insurance if you have. Some rental car companies may ask for a deposit for cash rentals. Most companies do sell insurance packages that come included with the vehicle if you do not have insurance.

Costs Involved

Renting an SUV is usually generally more expensive than a standard vehicle.  The daily rates of these vehicles are higher. Usually, because having to repair or replace this kind of vehicle for the car Rental company costs them more. So the price you pay will be slightly higher.

Fuel costs are also more expensive for SUV Rentals. You should factor your fuel costs to make a realistic budget when renting an SUV.

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As we move deeper into the new economy, where budget cuts, saving costs and recessions seems to be the order of the day, we are all forced to save money in whichever way we can in order to survive.  As long-term car rental specialists in Cape Town, we share some tips of the trade in order to help you save money on your next Cape Town long term car rental.


Be sure of what type of car you would need – there is usually a wide range of different cars available on long-term car hire contracts with different prices.  Do you really need a luxury car, or will a budget beater that will get you there without the frills do.


Calculate your daily driving requirements carefully – Cape Town car hire companies to offer different mileage options at different prices, over travelling on your daily mileage allowance can be charged at quite a hefty rate by the long-term car rental company.


Does your current insurance cover long-term car rentals – Contact your current insurance provider and find out if they will comprehensively cover you for long-term car rentals.  If this is the case, then there is no need to pay for insurance twice on the long-term car hire deal.


Be sure to take the car on a monthly car rental deal instead of daily rentals – The cost per day is much lower for Cape Town long term car rental deals than they are for short-term daily car hire.


Do you need a value for money long term car hire in Cape Town?  Book your next monthly car hire from Comet Car Rental by calling us on 021 386 2411.